Coopers Recycling Boost For Charity

23 Jul 2019


A focus on recycling is raising thousands of dollars a year for charity while helping Coopers Brewery minimise waste.

Each year, Coopers sells scrap material generated from day-to-day operations at its Regency Park brewery for recycling, with all proceeds directed to the Coopers Brewery Foundation, the brewery’s charitable arm.

Scrap materials include metal, paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and other sundry items.
Coopers Finance Director and Chair of the Coopers Brewery Foundation, Melanie Cooper, said that in the 2018-19 financial year, recycling had generated almost $50,000 for the Foundation.

“Since the Coopers Brewery Foundation was formed in 2006, it has received almost $700,000 from recycling,” she said.

“It’s a significant source of income for the Foundation, which also generates funds from donations, brewery tours, annual golf days, special events and other fundraising activities.”
The Coopers Brewery Foundation has now donated more than $5 million to 285 charitable projects.

Ms Cooper said everyone in the brewery had bought into the company’s recycling efforts, which were largely driven by staff.

“We have special bins placed at strategic points throughout the brewery where recyclable materials can be deposited,” she said.

“Our staff are encouraged to ensure any scrap materials go into the right bins and we are working with our suppliers to minimise the amount of packaging and other waste that comes into the brewery in the first place.

“Another benefit of recycling is that it has enabled Coopers to significantly reduce its waste disposal costs.”

Ms Cooper said the recycling of metals, including aluminium, stainless and light gauge steel, had raised about $235,000 since 2007, while the recycling of glass, paper and cardboard had generated more than $200,000.

During 2017-18, Coopers recycled almost 23,500 tonnes of waste. Of this figure, only 100 tonnes, mainly organics, did not generate income.