Australian Well and Truly Opened

14 Feb 2017

It was an Open for the ages, with players thought to be beyond their prime proving they can still win a grand slam, while young unknowns showed that hope and grit can still carry them all the way to the top.

Off the court, everyone was happy to enjoy the historic moment of finally being able to open an Australian beer at the Australian Open. While this was our first seed at a grand slam, we showed the world the level of class Australians have come to recognise from us. 

From the bustle of the courtside bars to the festival atmosphere of Coopers Saturday we had an absolute ball serving some taste with the tennis, and we look forward to working closely with Tennis Australia to make 2018 even better. 

So, if you missed the fun this time, make sure you start making plans for the next one. With Coopers as official beer partner, you can guarantee at least one Aussie victory.