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Our beers
SparklingAle Sparkling Ale CoopersPaleAle (1) Original Pale Ale xpa-can XPA Pacific Ale Can Pacific Pale Ale CoopersHazyIpa Hazy IPA MildAle (1) Mild Ale 3.5% DarkAle Dark Ale Coopers Stout Best Extra Stout CoopersVintage2020Small Vintage Ale coopers-light-bottle Premium Light dryf5295d0c552f6dcf9b5fff0000164613 Dry
EST. 1862 An intriguing fusion of modern innovation & coopers’ brewing tradition
Coopers Brewery
Coopers Legacy

To say we're 'born to brew' may seem like a bold statement, but after dedicating over 150 years to the art of brewing, we believe it's true.

Our Family Brewery

Meet the men and women who are proudly carrying on the Coopers legacy.

Meet the Directors