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Coopers Brewery is the worlds largest manufacturer and exporter of DIY Brewing Extracts.

Where we began

Coopers began producing DIY beer kits back in the early 70’s when legislation was changed to allow brewing at home. Initial kits were 20 litre “bag in a box” wort packs with the beer being brewed in the bag.

In 1982 we introduced a low temperature evaporation method that allowed us to gently concentrate the wort which reduced the size and weight of the package. This allowed us to expand sales of our DIY Beer products to retailers across Australia and begin exporting, initially to Sweden and North America.

Coopers DIY Beer today

Today Coopers is the worlds number one selling brand of DIY Beer extracts and is exported to over 26 countries across the globe.

The Coopers DIY Brew Kits include everything you need to make your own great tasting beer in 4 simple steps Mix, Brew, Bottle, Enjoy!

Our range of premium quality Brewing Extracts make it possible for you to produce a variety of beers from crisp refreshing Lagers through to hop filled IPAs or hearty Stouts. Each Brewing Extract is formulated to create true to character beers.

Specifically developed brewing adjuncts enhance beer quality, increase opportunities for recipe formulation and complete your brewing experience.

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Coopers Community

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Coopers Community

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