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Vintage Ale

Something special is happening…or should we say brewing - at Coopers.

2018 marks 20 years since we released our first limited batch Vintage Ale. To celebrate this very special occasion, our brewers have used the finest seasonal ingredients to lovingly craft an ale that offers an intriguing balance of flavours within a unique, and very special flavour profile.


Aramis. Grown in the Alsace region of France


Westminster.  Barley sourced from the pristine coastal environment of Kangaroo Island

To avoid missing out on this limited-edition release, call ahead and ensure your local has received their delivery of 2018 Vintage Ale.
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Nutritional Information

ENERGY (Kilojoules) 1408.1 Kj 396.6 Kj
333.7 cal 94 cal
PROTEIN 1.8g 0.5g
7.5% ALC/VOL

Tasting Notes

The 2018 limited release Coopers Vintage Ale is the 18th in the series, since first launching in 1998. This year the Coopers brewing team has used a unique triple fermentation process to enrich the flavour of the beer, imparting a velvet-like finish on the palate, accompanied by a warming aftertaste.

As in previous years, the brewers have sought ingredients from around the globe to enhance the distinctiveness of this seasonal brew. The barley variety Westminster has been sourced solely from the pristine coastal environment of Kangaroo Island, and then malted at Coopers’ own maltings. Westminster is a high-yielding malting barley that offers improved head retention in the beer. Blended with dark crystal malt, the result is a delicate, sweet malt character and a rich, red copper hue.


The hop variety Aramis, grown in the Alsace region of France, was chosen as the feature hop for its aroma and moderate levels of bitterness. Added late in brewing, and during fermentation, the essential hop oils are preserved to provide flavour characteristics in this seasonal ale of dried fruit, red apple, vanilla and mild spice.

Like all Coopers ales, this beer has been brewed with a secondary fermentation and natural conditioning process. This year, however, the inclusion of an added re-fermentation step at the end of primary fermentation has created a delicate and smooth flavour, whilst balanced with a moderate 55 IBU level of bitterness.


Coopers 2018 Vintage Ale maintains an alcohol level of 7.5% ABV, which integrates well with the aromas and flavours from the malt, hops and the distinct fruity esters produced by Coopers’ cherished ale yeast. Stored under cellar conditions, this beer will become more complex over an extended period of time, increasing the sweet malt flavour with soft caramel undertones. To fully appreciate this ale, we recommend an ideal drinking temperature of 5oC, and served in a wide, tulip-shaped glass.

Limited stock will be available in key venues from 1st August.


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To avoid disappointment, please call ahead to ensure your preferred venue has received their delivery of 2018 Extra Strong Vintage Ale before visiting.