b'C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 205 06Under the plan put forward, CoopersVarious other capital expenditure projects will invest $50 million in the once-in-a- were also undertaken at the brewery during generation development, which will positionthe year, with a combined focus on capacity, the brewery for future growth through thequality, efficiency and growing our capability.construction of new facilities including:At a cost of nearly $5 million, the new Microbreweryboilerhouse was commissioned and Whisky distillerycommenced operation, replacing two C A P E XUnderground stillage for whisky maturationexisting boilers that had reached the endRestaurant and barof their working life.Outdoor plaza Dedicated tasting room Work commenced on a 5500 square metre Announced in April 2022,Interactive history display expansion of the warehousing facilities Coopersis embarkingEmbodying the past, present and futureat Regency Park, with South Australian construction firm Ahrens appointed to the on one of the most excitingof the brewery, the visitor centre will helpproject. Scheduled for completion in the Coopers showcase its heritage and productsfirst half of 2023, this $15 million investment capital expenditure projectsto the world, and further attract visitors significantly boosts beer storage capacity in the companys history,from across Australia and overseas. and will be primarily serviced by automated with expansion plansWorks are expected to begin guided vehicles.unveiled for a new visitorin the second half of 2022. The brewery purchased the onsitecentre, microbrewery andco-generation plant, allowing for further The 3200-litre microbrewery will enableoptimisation of steam and power towhisky distillery. deliver operational and cost benefits.the brewing team to develop small batch beers to supplement the current portfolio.Packaging line upgrade work was also Complementing this, the new whiskyundertaken to provide greater flexibilitydistillerycomprising a 9600-litre wash stillfor the production requirements ofand a 5500-litre spirit stillwill have capacityour contract-manufacturing arrangementsto produce more than 500,000 bottles perwith international brands. year, although the ageing requirements of whisky mean that it will be some years before sales will commence.'