b'C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2G U I D I N GWe acknowledge the retirement of formerGiven the difficulties of travelling and Engineering Manager Robin Howe after meeting in large numbers, caused38 years, of which 34 were as an employeeby COVID-19 restrictions, the company P R I N C I P L E A N Dfollowing four as a contractor. Robin made acontinued to find innovative ways to significant contribution to the brewery communicate with employeesover this time, not only as Engineeringaround the country, including group039 L O N G S E R V I C E Manager but also in a number of projectZoom tastings for new product releases. 040Awards management roles, including as the electrical lead under Dr Tim Cooper during the construction of Regency Park; project supervisor for the second packaging line; and assisting Tom Bullock in managing the construction of the maltings.A record number of over 1,100 Cheers for PeersIn line with the companys Guiding Principles, nominations were received through TINYpulse, the Call It Out Program was revisited online the companys online survey and feedback platform. for all employees across the country, underscoring the companys zero-tolerance Once again, our Guiding Principles of Passion, Respect, Responsibility, policy to bullying and harassment.Consistency and Service were exemplified during the year, when many employeesThe annual Workplace Gender Equity worked extra hours to keep the company operating at a high level, servicing both Agency report, which is publicly available, internal and external customers, stakeholders, and suppliers.was submitted, including reference to The Guiding Principles Awards were presented to the following recipientspolicies, strategies and remuneration relating to gender equality in the workplace.based on their colleagues recognition through Cheers for Peers.Guid ng P inciples Long Servicei r 15 YEARS 25 YEARSD A V E M E D L Y N K A T E D O W DP A U L A S K E WM E L L I S S A B A R T E R C O R E Y G I G L I O R I C H A R D A R B O NBrewhouse & Lager Cellar Marketing Quality Assurance SA Sales DistributionBrewhouseE M M A C R A G G S C A M T A Y L O R D A V E H U N T E RD O U G C O N N E R F I L M A R K O V I C G E O F F P E V R E A L L Brewing Products Morgans QLD Sales Packaging Distribution SA SalesB R E N T C O U T T S J A N I E Z I M M E R M A N N 30 YEARSF R A N K P E R R O T T A H E A T H G R O S V E N O RD A N N I M O R A N Business Systems Quality ControlDistribution National Sales Packaging G R A H A M L E H M A N NDistributionD A M I E N DE T T O R R E 20 YEARSL E A N N E G E L L Y G R A H A M M A C D O N A L DA N T H O N Y P E T H E R I C K Events F R A N K A K E R S J A M I E M A C D O N A L DFinance & Admin A N D T R I S H H A R D Y SA Sales Customer Service BrewhouseNSW Sales L E A N N E G E L L YAdministrationM A R K E L V E R DC H O O N G L I E W C A M P E A R C E A N D R E W R I T T E RMaintenance N I C K S T E R E N B E R G VIC Sales Marketing & Board PackagingOperations of DirectorsS H E A H A N R O D R I G O J A Y N E S T E V E N S O NMaltings WA Sales'