b'C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2Following a surge in Demand continues to sales due to restrictionsgrow for non-alcoholic in the first year of thebeer. Liquor and pandemic, sales ofsupermarket retailers Mr Beer subsequently have significantly 027 fell back. increased stocked ranges028As the world emerged from stay-at-hometo cater for customer orders and returned to public activities,demand and more demand for Mr Beer kits and other brewingcompetitors enteringproducts predictably reduced.the market.Demand was further impacted by domestic inflationary pressures in the United States,Against this competitive environment with with the cost of freight being a contributinga number of new entrants vying for market M O R G A NSfactor. Delays in shipping and in-boundM A LTshare, sales of non-alcoholic beers in the freight also contributed to reduced sales. E X T R A C T Coopers portfolio declined 24.0%.Morgans sales volumes dipped below CoopersThe competitive landscape impacted malt extractsupermarket listings and sales of Coopers last years record results as the demand for Ultra Light. There are signs of recovery,home brewing began to normalise from sales volumes were the pandemic-related spike. comparable with thewith a renewed focus on retailer partnership showing promise heading into theNet sales revenue was down 10% previous year, with2023 financial year.compared to the previous year, but Morgansinternational exports toGerman non-alcoholic beer Holsten 0.0%, products are still performing strongly Asia-Pacific up 10.1%,distributed under license by Coopers,with higher levels of activity compared towas impacted by global logistics challenges, pre-COVID times. buoyed by new customers which delayed stock imports and created Demand remains strong, in particular forcoming on board in Asia. extended periods of unavailability.beer kits, despite some logistical challengesDomestic sales were down 2.0% as a result due to localised flooding and lingeringof some food manufacturers experiencing COVID-19 lockdowns in Australian states. production headwinds.M R B E E RIn June, sixth generation family member Louise Cooper joined theN O N -A L C O H O L I C Morgans Board. B E E R'