b'C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 C O O P E R S A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 2 2B R E W E R S A S S O C I AT I O N043 O F A U S T R A L I A044CEO Reportby John PrestonAs the brewing industryAs the Association moved into 2022 the and our partners in thecampaign stepped up. We highlighted that the February 2022 tax increase was the hospitality sector workedlargest in over ten years, due to increased to recover from theinflation, and that it came at a time when the pandemic, it was anotherhospitality industry was still suffering the effects of the pandemic. In the lead-up to busy year for the Brewersthe Budget, we met with many Coalition MPs Association.and Ministers, and were pleased to have so many of them come out publicly and support Our key focus this year was the campaign wethe campaign. In all, over 20 Coalition MPs ran with the Australian Hotels Associationsigned a letter to the Treasurer calling on him (AHA) and Clubs Australia, calling on theto reduce the draught beer tax.Federal Government to reduce the rate of excise on draught beer by 50% in the 2022Despite media outlets indicating the FederalThe vast majority (85%) of beerWe will work to communicate this message Federal Budget. The campaign highlightedGovernment would act in response toconsumed in Australia is made into all MPs and policy-makers, to ensure itthat Australia has the fourth highest beer taxour campaign, unfortunately a draughtAustralia, with our beer supply chainis front of mind for them whenever they make in the world, with the rate increasing twicebeer tax cut was not included in the 2022almost entirely domestic, with thedecisions affecting our industry.each year. Working closely with our partners,Federal Budget. Whilst disappointed withindustry generating $16 billion every this outcome, the campaign was extremelyyear for the Australian economy.I would like to thank Dr Tim Cooper, who we were very successful in securing mediatook over as Chair of the Brewers Association coverage for the high rate of beer tax, effective in highlighting the high rate of beerMost significant is our long-standing tax in this country, and the impact this has onpartnership with Australian farmers.this year. Id also like to welcome Louise and the impact this has on beer drinkers Cooper to our Regulatory Committee, and and the hospitality industry. beer drinkers and our brewing industry. In a typical year, Australian brewers will purchase close to $500 millionto thank Nick Sterenberg for his ongoing With the election of a new Federalof agricultural products and directlyleadership of our Technical Committee.Government and Anthony Albanese assupport 3,000 farm jobs. I particularly wish to thank Cam Pearce forPrime Minister in May 2022, the Brewershis support, advice and insight as a key Association will continue to put the case formember of our Regulatory Committee and action on beer taxes. We are also focusedwish him well on his retirement.on ensuring policy-makers are aware of the contribution that brewing makes to our economy and the communities in which we operate. The new Prime Minister has said that Australia must be a country that makesJohn Preston things, and we believe there is no finerChief Executive Officer example of this than the brewing sector. Brewers Association of Australia'