Sapporo Black Reaches Australian Market

11 Mar 2020

Sapporo Black, a bold yet smooth dark lager, is being launched into the Australian market this month.

Brewed using roasted dark malts that provide distinct coffee and chocolate notes, Sapporo Black is being imported to Australia and distributed by Coopers Premium Beverages.

Brand Manager, Andrew Brooks said Sapporo Black was brewed with the attention to detail and precision that is a feature of Japanese beers.

“Sapporo is recognised world-wide for the quality of its brewing and its lager is regarded as an exemplar Japanese beer,” Mr Brooks said.

“Sapporo Black is designed to challenge consumers’ perspective of Japanese beer styles while diversifying the portfolio and reaching a broader audience.

“It is bold and flavourful, yet smooth and crisp in the classic Sapporo fashion, with a refined hop bitterness complemented by sweet round fullness.

“It pairs well with hearty and spicy dishes such as traditional Asian, Cajun and Latin cuisines. It also works well with crème brulee or stands by itself at barbeques, parties and celebrations.”

Sapporo Black has a 5% ABV and will be available in the traditional Sapporo 650ml “silver bullet” style can.

Mr Brooks said cans would be available from most liquor outlets at around $8 each.

Sapporo continues to experience solid growth in Australia, gaining share from all competitors within the Japanese beer category.

Sapporo was founded in Japan in 1876 and is the Japan’s oldest beer brand.