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G’day, Steve the bartender here - ready to show you how we roll at Coopers.

See, we use a traditional method of brewing called ‘natural conditioning’. That means every beer finishes its fermentation process in the bottle, can or keg - creating a layer of flavour-filled sediment at the bottom.

That’s why we love ‘the roll’. By gently rolling a Coopers Ale, you mix the sediment throughout the beer, unlocking its full-flavour and creating that iconic cloudy deliciousness.


Us Roll

Ever seen a cement mixer with a Coopers on its back? Click the link below to watch ‘The Roll’ film (and me) in all its glory.

Watch the film

how-do-you-roll how-do-you-roll

How do
you roll?

There are many ways to roll a Coopers to perfection, with the simplest being a simple back and forth with the hand. I’m a fan of the two-finger-split, but everyone has their own tweak on the technique. So, how many fingers do you roll with?

Get rolling.